XML Applications Development:

XML Applications are basically software programs, which manipulates as well as processes the data with the use of the XML technologies, which includes in itself XSLT, XML Schema, XPath, Web Services, X Query and others as well.

It acts the adhesive that combines the wide array of the enterprise or the industrial systems not only with each other but also with the internet network connection.

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Features of XML:

  • It has been designed in a way so that it has a self descriptive appeal.
  • It is a W3C Recommendation .
  • Its main purpose is to transport and store the data.
  • It does not have any tags that have already been defined.

Benefits of XML Applications are:

  • The implementation as well as the learning of this application is an easy affair.
  • With the help of this, it is easy to write down the data exchange applications, without taking the help of any kind of information schema or the descriptions of a format.
  • It is a standardized application as the several types of products that are easily available from the different vendors implements a application, which is almost similar to the World Wide Web Consortium Recommendation functioning on the XML.
  • Exchange of the standardized data is also made possible by this application.
  • It allows the author to classify clearly the document structure as well as the tags that has been created by the individual.
  • It is easy to use for the transmission of data amongst all kinds of applications.

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