Windows Mobile Development

Windows mobile is a mobile operating system designed for the handset mobile devices and the smartphones and it has been created by Microsoft. Features that have been squeezed into it are similar to that of the Windows’ desktop version. It functions on the basis of the Windows CE 5.2 kernel. If integrated with the infrastructures, like Microsoft Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server, it ensures high results.

Inteliapp’s sound technical team understands and identifies your business needs and adopts strategic and planned methods to build mobile applications. We are completely aware of the advantageous as well as the disadvantageous aspects related to it and thus take extra measures to remain careful and make an effort to avoid any error and always update our customers on the progress of the project. Our customers can also be rest assured about the fact that the end to end solutions provided by us would enhance their business.

We also resort to an assessment system to keep a track of the performance of our team members, for the purpose of improved as well as highly effective solutions.

Windows Mobile Development Services:

  • Cross platform mobile development
  • Social media applications
  • Mobile marketing applications
  • Mobile commerce applications
  • Custom mobile applications
  • Business applications
  • Gaming applications
  • Mobile marketing applications
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Software development
  • PPC and Smartphone based LBS system
  • User interface design as well as development
  • Designing, coding, testing and the implementation of the systems that are multi-layered


  • Field service automation
  • Sales force automation
  • Flexible software application development
  • Development of application that is bug free
  • Easy customer relationship management
  • Reduction of cost

If you wish to take the help of the outstanding and high level and services, then resort to the help of our professional developers, today.