WCF/ WPF Development

Inteliapp offers high class services in the areas of WCF/ WPF Development. Our sound technical developers have profound knowledge on these areas of development and are backed up by years of experience. Our services are carefully developed based on the customer needs. Client satisfaction is our utmost concern.

WCF Development

WCF is the short term for Windows Communication Foundation. It is a programming model for the building up of service oriented applications. It is an integral part of the .NET Framework 3.0 and .NET Framework 3.5. It can also be described as a fixed set of .NET Framework 3.0 managed classes that exists within the system. The development of the distributed applications becomes simple with the use of this model. It runs on all the major browsers.

WCF offers tools that can be used at the time of the development of software entities for communicating with one another. Our developers have sound knowledge about technologies to aptly fit in the software communication settings.


  • Interoperability
  • Access to the same service by several clients
  • Introduction of the oriented project model
  • Possibility of cross application and cross platform application
  • Smooth migration of the .NET services to the WCF
  • Extensible through the custom behaviors and the custom channels
  • Cost effective

WPF Development

WPF is the abbreviation of Windows Presentation Foundation. It is a modern presentation system that lets the developers to build Windows applications that have a unique visual look. It is usually build up on a rendering engine that is based vector. Advanced graphics provides support to this engine.

It is the prime support in the .NET framework for the files, such as the resource, data and the content. It offers an integrated and a robust framework to create applications in Windows Vista, such as the Custom Control Libraries, Class Libraries, XAML Browser Applications and Standalone Applications. The XAML makes it possible for our developers to work in a collaborative way and create applications with exceptional reliability.

It includes application development features, such as styles, templates, controls, documents, data-binding, text, typography, lay –out and media.


  • Redistribution at a rapid pace
  • Improved speed
  • High effects of 3D as well as 2D graphics
  • Synchronization of the UI element with the data source
  • Nominal download requirement

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