Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing technique, which stimulates the users to pass on to the other different websites or the other users, a marketing message, thus enhancing the visibility and the effective impact of the message. It can also be considered to be a kind of sales promotion for ideas, services and products. For a better response, it should also be made to work in accordance with the entities that are offline.

For the marketing of industrial products and other kinds of products, such as the FMCD products or the FMCG products, the seller as well as the manufacturer of the products are required to possess knowledge about the logistics and stocks and also need to have adept managing skills for a change to the offline functioning from the online functioning.

This feature can also be associated with simple offers, via the web page, social media and micro sites on the internet network connection. The offer time, if extended over a long period of time, would lose it effective impact and therefore it should be of short duration and of a limited time.


For this type of marketing, it is important to note here that almost 1 -5% of the clicks of the users is responsible for conversations. It appears that the rate of conversation is not as high as compared to the rate of clicks. This happens for the reason that when the users click on the terms and conditions, a display message appears that may not be of any interest to them. The other prime factors might be related to the option of stocks, specifications, sizes as well as other choice or selection factors.

The viral marketing campaign is FAD and its curve is subject to sudden drop and steep as well as sharp rise. With the help of specific online marketing software, viral marketing can be supervised, controlled and initiated.

You can keep a check on the feedbacks, responses and the clicks through online , necessary for the analysis of the fact that whether your campaign has achieved fruitful results or not.


The content of it should be brief to the point, precise and should include details about the product. The presentation of the content should be done in an easy and simple format. The terms and conditions of the product should also have a mention in the content.


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