Usability and Interface Design

Usability and Interface Design are fields related to development and designing of websites. It indicates at the interaction between the system and the user. We at Inteliapp make every possible effort to create a website that is simple to understand by the web users or the viewers and thus it assures an increase in the generation of traffic. It helps the users to browse easily across all the sites, to accomplish a process associated with check out and sign up for a new service successfully.

Interface Design

It adverts to the process of creating a single method so that the two modules of a system get connected to each other. It includes three distinctive features, which are functionality aspect, easy accessibility and the visual impact or the visual effect.


  • Increase of the market share.
  • It saves the time dedicated as and the reasons for this reduction of time are less rate of iterations and a much improved as well as better productivity.
  • Creation of an intuitive interface.
  • Reduction of the maintenance cost.
  • Increase as far as transaction is concerned.
  • Reduced number of errors.
  • Increase in the possibility of savings.
  • Repeated view of the site by the user.

Usability Design:

It refers to the aspect of the easy processing and simple navigation of the website.


  • It allows the regular web users to work at a rapid pace by offering function keys, macros and abbreviations.
  • Inclusion of the information of the user.
  • Efficient accomplishment of work by the users.
  • Change in the role of the users, as they no longer perform the act of responding but instead they initiate actions.
  • Allows the displays to be simple as well as brief.
  • The data is presented in a summarized way.
  • Easy display of novel information and the user is not required to make any effort to remember any kind of information.
  • Reduces the aspect of risks and uncertainty.

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