Typo3 Development

Typo 3 is an open source enterprise purpose CMS (Content Management System). It has been designed to cater to the requirement of corporate clients and enterprises. It boasts of a robust framework, numerous domains as well as sub domains under a single installation and seamless structure for the functional operations of the Intranet.

It is considered to be one of the best solutions as it encourages an advanced log in system for the administrators and the users of the websites. Its most important aspect is the division of the layout and the content. This makes it possible to use the strength of the content and the layout for support to the websites.

Numerous extensions are available for this CMS. All kinds of websites can be developed, such as e-Commerce sites, international websites, web portals with this system. According to a recent estimation, at least 230,000 sites are presently running this system and there are at least 122 servers with the TYPO 3.

Our educated and brilliant developers have proficient knowledge on Typo 3 CMS and offers exceptional solutions. We understand well the business needs of our clients and develop services accordingly. Our services are reasonably priced.


  • Staging and workflow
  • Adaptable layouts for eventual paragraph distribution
  • Drop editing as well as drag of the content of the pages
  • Multiple website management
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Managing of static pages
  • Smooth up gradation of the websites
  • Quick pace implementation
  • Enterprise integration/authentication
  • Graphics and Content management
  • Hierarchical content metaphor
  • Extension/Plug in architecture
  • Flexibility in the Admin section for the easy change of the information
  • Creation and delete of pages in an independent way
  • Adding of any new information is possible
  • Integration with the existing applications
  • Secure
  • Low cost of ownership


  • Efficient management of access level permission
  • Compatible with all the major browsers
  • Upgradation or inclusion of the functionalities
  • Adding of extra additions for the development of perfect solutions
  • Customization of the codes based on client needs

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