Social Media Analytics

Have you been able to create a buzz in your society or in the corporate world and have you developed a system, which would help you to keep a track of the opinion or the view of the people regarding your product or service development? If your answer is ‘no’, then you should definitely consider the option of developing a system that would help you to keep a track of this murmur or buzz. Inteliapp offers unparalleled service in this area.

The service, known as Social Media Analytics, furnishes you, with every required data, facts, statistics and information, necessary for the learning about the performance review of your service or product. Therefore, it offers you with the scope to develop new, creative and innovative strategies for better and improved sales review of your service or product. This conception is also referred to as Brand monitoring for the reason that it is also applicable for functional operations related to PR and marketing.

Social Media Services are:

  • A detail analysis of the contents of the social media and recognizing the areas of concern as far as the most important social networking platforms are concerned.
  • Supervising of the social media sources on a day-to day basis
  • Indentifying of the important bloggers as well as social network communities.
  • A detail study of your current business trends associated with your business domain

Thus avail our services for your own benefit.