Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps the various search engines, such as the Google or Yahoo, to name a few, to locate your site and rank it in a higher position than the other millions of websites. Thus it helps in the generation of more traffic, by enhancing the viewership rate of the web pages or the websites.

Need for SEO/SEM:

Our team of developers offer adept services related to SEO. Our developers give prime importance to the process of research and planning and effectively perform their tasks. Our strategic approach directed towards the marketing services, has proved to be beneficial for our customers.

Services Offered:

Our services include a detail analysis and research for the purpose of acquiring top rank in the search engines.


  • Review of the Webiste
  • Detail assessment as well as review of the targeted and prime keywords
  • Identifying Keywords that needs to be optimized
  • Initial Website Analysis Report
  • Optimization of the Meta-tags and Titles
  • Optimization of Hyperlink and Alt tag
  • W3C Validation for Homepage
  • Account Creation of the Google Webmaster
  • Checking of the position of the Keyword for the rank of website rank in Google, Yahoo, MSN
  • If required, development of New Search Engine Optimized pages, if the existing pages has not undergone any change in the last six months.
  • Google Sitemap Creation (XML)
  • Account Creation of the Google Analytics
  • Robot.txt Creation

If you are interested to know more about our services, then contact us immediately.