.NET Development

It is a software framework that operates and functions primarily on the Microsoft Windows. It comprises a huge library. It provides excellent support to quite a number of programming languages. It can also be adverted to as the technology that binds together all kinds of information, devices, systems and people. Thus makes possible, easy access to information, irrespective of location and time. It also lets the connection of the software with the latest and the newly developed applications. It connects the wide array of services with the web applications.

This framework comprises of two primary components, which are the .NET class library and the common language runtime. The base of the .NET framework is the common language runtime fundamental. The basic principle of the runtime is the conception related to code management. The code, which targets the runtime, is referred to as the managed code and the code that does not target the run-time, is referred to as the unmanaged code. The class library is an object oriented and a complete collection of types that can be reused. These types can be made use of to create numerous applications, such as graphical user interface GUI applications, traditional command line and various others as well.

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  • .NET system designs.
  • The buildup of desktop applications and web applications.
  • The development of the web applications based on the strong foundation of the web services or rather the website services.
  • The migration of the web applications and the desktop applications to the .NET as well as from the .NET.


  • It makes use of the industry standard protocols such as the HTTP, XML, TCP/IP, SOAP and thus the feature of distributed application communications becomes a simple task.
  • It divides the logic related to presentation and the logic related to application, thus ensures an easy process to retain codes.
  • It offers a code execution environment, which ensures the safe and secure execution of the codes. including the code that has been created by an unknown user..
  • Specification of the method level security becomes an effortless job.
  • It makes sure of the fact that the components, on which the applications are highly dependent are there in the computer, before the start of the execution of the application.
  • Support for the development of third party runtime hosts.
  • Employment of applications becomes easy with this framework.
  • It can be hosted by the unmanaged components, which put the CLR into their own processes and also set off the execution of all the managed codes. Thus initiates the creation of a software environment, which can take complete advantage of the managed as well as the unmanaged features.
  • The finding as well as the loading of the essential components, required by an application is taken care of.
  • It makes easy the act of debugging with the support to the Runtime diagnostics, which makes it possible to determine the performance rate of the application and locate the bugs. It also offers three kinds of Runtime diagnostics.

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