Mobile Application Development

With the advent of the Tablets and the Smartphones, the mobile industry has witnessed a rapid growth. The price cost and the advanced fascinating features including the application download features, which has been squeezed into the Smartphones and the Tablets is the reason behind its high purchase. There are clients waiting to get a hold of the Smartphone applications or the Tablet applications that would help them to achieve their business accomplishments. Applications are also available for those customers, who are more interested in fun as well as adventure games and quality entertainment. Applications aptly suited to for both requirements are available as well and development of new applications is a continuous process.

The skilled and able teams of Ineliapp develop mobile applications on mobile platforms, such as Windows Mobile, Android, Samsung Bada, J2ME, iPhone, Symbian and Blackberry. Our developers create applications that are device dependent or platform dependent. Our developers, who are well versed with application programming employs steps, which are, chalking out of the layout, feasibility check, design and functional applicability analysis and validation of the design as well as the developed applications.

We at Inteliapp work in accordance with our clients. We convert their ideas and concepts into reality with innovative inputs from our end for high end solutions that are priced at a cost effective price.


  • User base Database Application
  • Integration of Social Media
  • Server Integration via APIs
  • Secured Content Sharing
  • Push notification to the device or phone
  • Low Memory Consumption
  • Location based GPS Tracking
  • Formulative Applications
  • Cross platform conversion, such as Blackberry to iPhone or iPhone to Blackberry

We cater to industries, such as Healthcare and Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Travel and others as well.

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