Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a robust framework for the development of rich internet applications (RIA). It allows an interactive user experience for web and mobile applications. It is highly compatible with several operating systems, devices and browsers thus introduced a new level of interactivity. The experience with this framework is similar to that of the experience offered by the desktop applications.

It is primarily available as a plug-in and works well with the web browsers, such as the Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It is highly compatible with almost all the web browsers that run on Linux, Windows and Mac. It uses the Microsoft languages as well as frameworks. Out of the two, it is one of the application development platforms for the Windows Phone.

Our capable developer is well versed with all the facets of Microsoft Silverlight. Our expertise team offers high level solutions to satisfy the needs of the customers. We also update ourselves with the latest developments for improved and better solutions. Our services are priced at a cost effective price.


  • User friendly experience with the web world
  • Smooth integration with the web applications and the websites that already exists, including the Microsoft SharePoint
  • Support to the scripting languages that already exists used for coding the websites
  • Coding of applications in Ruby
  • Mobile platform development with Silverlight
  • Leveraging of the .NET programming skills
  • Downloading of the content by the users from the websites of our clients
  • Rapid work pace
  • Easy accessibility
  • Excellent security
  • Reduced cost

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