Joomla Development Team

Joomla is content management system (CMS) that helps you to build websites as well as online applications. It can be also described as an open source content management for the publishing of the content on Intranets and World Wide Web as well as a model view controller Web Application framework.

The factor that works in favor of Joomla is its administrative system, as the users can make use of the option of changing the design, layout, color scheme and the website content, to satisfy their own creative needs. Thus it could be said that the administrative system of Joomla is very much user friendly. The other features of Joomla, which are the plugins and the add-ons, makes the maintaining and managing of the websites an easy affair.

Corporate Portals

Joomla makes it easy for the web users, as far as the updating of the content is concerned depending on the knowledge related to the simple use of the web services, such as the Mozilla Firefox or the Internet Explorer. Thus a user is not required to go through a complicated process to use Joomla. It is required to note here that Joomla is also available under the license, known as the GPL License.

Browser Based Joomla Administrative Interface allows the following developments:

  • Organization of the Intranet and Extranet Services
  • Community and Social Networking Portals
  • E- Commerce Websites and Webstore

The development team of Inteliapp, makes use of the Joomla CMS for the designing of the complicated applications and solutions for the multinational corporations. The backbone of the framework of the Joomla CMS is the expert team of developers, who work towards the creation of modules with the aim of adding several new innovative features. These new added features of Joomla are available in the form of extensions and Plug-in-modules.

The Plug-ins and the Extensions that are available from the open source community are:

  • Blog Management
  • E-Commerce Facility and Shopping Cart (webstore)
  • Calendars and Event Management Extensions
  • User Registration, User Management and E-Mail and Newsletter Services
  • Photo and Streaming Video Gallery
  • Form Builder
  • Banner Advertising Systems
  • Forum Management and Private Chat Software
  • Document Management Services

Inteliapp offers help for the creation of products based on Joomla, such as the Joomla web portals that are tailor made, complicated Joomla plugins as well as Joomla extensions and Content Management System.

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