J2ME Mobile Application Development

J2ME provides for an adaptable and customizable environment required for Mobile Application. J2ME is a JAVA 2 Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME). The proficient developers of Inteliapp are responsible for the creation of Bluetooth Application, Native J2ME Mobile Application Development, XMPP Chat, Blackberry Application and JSR 75. Our team members test the applications in a simulator and they also perform the task of porting it to the mobile devices.

The basis of the J2ME mobile application is the various and different JSRs and MIDP/CLDC.

J2ME Mobile Application Development Services:

  • Blackberry Application Development
  • Native Blackberry Device Application
  • Bluetooth Application for Mobile
  • Native J2ME Application based on CLDC/MIDP
  • Development with Facebook APIs
  • JSR 75 based development on J2ME
  • XMPP based Chat Service Application Development

JSR Number with its Functionality:

  • JSR 184 Mobile 3D Graphics API
  • JSR 226 Scalable 2D Vector Graphics
  • JSR 180 SIP API
  • JSR 82 Bluetooth API
  • JSR 135 Mobile Media API
  • JSR 75 File Connection and PIM API
  • JSR 205 Wireless Messaging API
  • JSR 179 Location API
  • Nokia UI API

We also develop third party applications on other different JSRs.

J2ME Mobile Application Development’s Tools and Technology

Tools: Blackberry Device Emulators, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Netbeans, Sony Ericssion, J2MEPolish Eclipse Plug In, Blackberry IDE, Eclipse Series 60and Series 80 Emulators, Nokia Series 40 and Blackberry Device Emulators.

Technology: J2MEPolish, Blackberry Framework and CLDC/CDC and MIDP Framework

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