HTML5 Application Development

HTML5 is the fifth version of the HTML standard and is the best specification till date. The interesting and most appealing facet about this mark-up language is that it can be written in both XHTML syntax and HTML as well. It makes the programming language of the web world easy and simple to understand by the devices and the computers. Since almost all the browsers, such as the FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and others support the HTML 5, web building and development of rich internet applications, such as the Java FX and Flash, all are now easy with this version of HTML. Exceptional web browsing experience can be identified with this HTML version.

Inteliapp depends on its skilled human resources who are well versed with the nuances of the advanced technology and develops superior and high class HTML applications. Our capable and competent team depends on their technical expertise to create powerful HTML5 applications for mobile and web.


  • Smooth access to the video and audio media types
  • A consistent HTML code that is easily readable
  • Use of modern UI components such as the sliders, data pickers and edit boxes, which provide automatic support to the ellipsis as well as others.
  • Geo-location API
  • It is transferrable in nature across all environments
  • For the purpose of reduction in the application size, CSSE based animation and CSS3 styles is used
  • Support for the geo-location services
  • Reduced loading time

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