Inteliapp provides customized ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Our expert team members ensure the development of advanced ERP solutions and aims at the maximum usability factor for your business. Few other important aspects about our ERP solutions is that it is modular, innovative, flexible, simple to implement, greatly scalable and can also be customized easily.

Each and every module of ours is coupled with strong features related to security. The Modules of Impact are Inventory Solutions/ Excise/ Management/ e- Accounts/ HR & Payroll/ Process and apart from these few, there are others as well.


CRM is also referred to as Customer Relationship Management. Our team members make sure of the aspect that the product that is delivered to our customers possesses the features of flexibility and consistency and are also innovative in nature, so that our clients or customers can function smoothly. Maximum complexity with the use of a few resources is our unique feature.


HR is the abbreviation for Human Resource. Inteliapp develops the perfect HR modules based on the precise specific criteria of the client. Our HR solution makes it an easy task as far as handling of the particular aspects of employee information is concerned. These aspects are employee benefits, job or work history, deciding of salary and leave management.

The HR Solution Software, developed by Inteliapp makes a calculation of the full tax compliance and also administers the government reporting. It makes the maintenance of the real-time work flow communication an easy affair by resorting to the process of automation of the customized messages to the clients, vendors and employees for particular system events through SMS or on screen messaging and e-mail

Our HR Module Presents the Following Features:

  • Case Studies
  • Integration
  • Enhancement
  • End-to-End Implementations
  • Case Studies

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