DotNetNuke CMS Development

DotNetNuke CMS Development is a type of CMS (Content Management System) and is best suited for the development of corporate extranets as well as intranets, online publishing portals, publishing of websites and commercial websites.

The team members of Intelapp are dependent on their proficient knowledge on the aspects of DotNetNuke CMS Development and offer solutions keeping in mind the requirement of the client.


  • Safe and secure access as far as the log in process is concerned.
  • Effortless maintenance of the web assets and this function is carried out by the designers, developers and the editors of the contents.
  • The custom management system is loaded with features, such as the content management, choices related to membership and content management coupled with stupendous functionality.
  • Easy view of the changes of the pages, done by the administrator.
  • The individual users, who have authorization has the right to the publication of web pages and also can edit, create and add a description as well as a new title.
  • Complete compatibility with the cross browsers.
  • Website search become a simple affair, with the help of the search engine, such as the Google.
  • Multiple language features.
  • Video gallery, multi-media gallery, frame gallery and picture gallery.
  • Its availability is free of any charge.


  • Complete security of data.
  • Development of web applications that are custom made.
  • Easy storage as well as management of data
  • Support to several websites with the help of the installation of a single application.
  • Simple quality analysis testing process.
  • Smooth integration of the business processes and data.
  • Integration of third party application.
  • Excellent functionality provided by its integral features.
  • Deployment of production

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