Corporate Branding

Inteliapp adds to your business the feature of corporate branding, essential for earning a reputed name in the market. We offer Corporate Branding Service so that your product supersedes the other products of the industrial organizations in terms of sales revenues and thus ensures the growth and development of your business.

Our Corporate Branding Services are:

  • Designing of Packaging
  • Designing of the Logo
  • Label Designing of CD/DVD
  • Posters
  • Product Flyer
  • Brochure and Catalog
  • Trade Show Graphics

Value Addition for the following:

  • Design and Consulting Firm
  • Digital Lab
  • Printing House
  • Catalogue Companies
  • Fashion Studio

Image Processing and Editing:

Inteliapp also offers to its customers or clients, who are based worldwide, services related to photo editing. The service associated with the editing of image helps our clients or customers to develop, maneuver and bring about an improvement as far as web animations, photographs and bitmap graphics is concerned. It also ensures the availability of the digital image of your photographs in different types of files, such as .jpg and .png or .gif. The photographs are edited keeping in mind the requirement of the client.

Inteliapp offers quick photo editing service as it takes less than 24 hours or a maximum of 24 hours to do this job. Our task process includes downloading of the photo from the FTP server of the client, editing of the photo and uploading of the photo within the time limit of 24 hours.