Content Management Solutions

Content Management Solutions are provided by Inteliapp for all kinds of websites. Our professional team of expertise develops CMS for its customers or clients so that they can maintain the smooth functionality of their website and also are able to manage their website on their own and are not dependent on any other third party for this task.

Distinctive Features of Custom Management Solutions of Inteliapp are:

  • Adding of a new Web Page
  • Deleting of a Web Page
  • Preview of a Web Page
  • Adding of Main Links and Sub Links
  • Order of Links/Web Pages
  • Insertion/Edition of Meta tags ( for the search engine)
  • Insert/Edit Meta tags (for search engine)
  • WYSWYG Editor (upload of any types of files, such as doc, pdf, flash and others as well).


  • Uploading of features to the gallery
  • Changing the order of pictures to the gallery
  • Adding, deleting and editing of albums to the gallery
  • Re- sizing of the pictures
  • Editing and deleting of the pictures from the gallery

So, avail our services, if you are going through any type of problem regarding CMS