Client -Server Application

Client-Server Application is the description term for an application of architecture, in which the client or the customer forwards a request for a specific service or an action from the server, which is the service provider. In this kind of application, there are two components that require thorough testing. Here, the server machine is burdened with the load of the application and is tested in key areas such as the client server interaction, both sides GUI, load functionality and backend and this is usually made use of in the Intranet networks. For this purpose, it is necessary to have proficient knowledge on the location as well as the specified number of clients and servers.

The service providers or the talented individuals of Inteliapp provides out of the world services associated with this application and assures the fact that it is designed in a way, so that it helps our customers or clients in smooth functional e- business operations and increased profit earnings in business as well. Thus our prime focus is on specific areas related to the processing of data, access as well as storage of data and input of data irrespective of the time zone and the area of location based on the foundation of this application.

We at Inteliapp employ the latest technology and tools for the successful accomplishment of this development.


  • This service development as well as integration services, such as the Database Client Server Solutions, Multi Client Server Solution in ERP and .Net based Client Server Solutions.
  • Maintenance and support services related to this development.
  • Migration Services.
  • Software testing of this application.
  • Desktop or Software application development.
  • Easy and uncomplicated application.
  • Re-engineering of this application.

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