Outsource Web Development Ajax

Ajax adverts to the asynchronous XML as well as JavaScript. It is a combination of other programming technologies. These technologies allow the updating of a particular portion of a web page or a full web page with the help of the input from the server, without the requirement related to the refreshing of the web page. It also enhances the interactive nature of the web page by recovering small portions of data from the web server, and then displaying it on the application and this can also be done without the refreshing of the page.

To understand in a simple way, it’s functioning, we can take the example of the Google Maps or the Gmail web content. While making use of the Gmail web content or the Google Maps, you might have taken notice of the fact that you are able to check thoroughly the text, which has been typed and that you can easily scroll sideways as well as up and down the map, without resorting to page submits. Ajax responds quickly to the functional operations in JavaScript, which have been requested for.

Development and Outsourcing:

Inteliapp makes use of it in an appropriate and proper way as far as the web applications are concerned. We help our customers to create web applications with Ajax for the reason that the platform, which is provided by it, support direct interaction and perform all the functions similar to that of the desktop functional operations. Thus enhancing the usability aspect of the varied web applications specially required for the improvement and betterment of business.

Blend of Technologies: Ajax

  • XML and XSLT for data exchange
  • HTML or XHTML as mark up language
  • CSS for creating custom styles
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Client-end scripting language like JavaScript
  • XMLHttpRequest object for asynchronous data exchange with the web server

Unique Features:

  • It is simple to use as well as easy to develop and it is this feature makes the task of learning the nuances of Ajax a simple affair for the developers of Inteliapp.
  • It provides support to the most commonly used platforms and browsers, which is responsible for the creation of applications at Inteliapp, which are powerful. At Inteliapp, the applications that are based on Ajax, offer a pleasant experience for the users and deliver an output of high speed and also forbid the page refreshing task as well as the slow response of the server.
  • It is also greatly suited for the server side languages, which are ColdFusion, ASP, Perl, PHP, to name a few.
  • It also ensures low development and low training as well as low deployment costs as no installation is required by the client.
  • The technologies of Ajax are apt for the Web 2.0 philosophy.

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